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 My name is Diana. I’m also known as Food n Thought Peddler.

 I’m a mental health professional, a mom to a college age boy, a loyal friend, and a cancer survivor!

And I love to get creative in the kitchen so let’s chat and cook together.  🙂

With a full-time hospital job, a part-time private practice and a kid in college, life is often kind of crazy, but there is always time for good food and a soul-touching conversation.

Join me on a journey as I ponder, explore, create, taste, laugh, cry, whine and use various other survival and entertainment techniques to go through this boarding school, otherwise known as Earth.

Oh, and next time, I’m going to Venus! Hey, it’s the planet of love!


And smile for the camera.


The Peddler’s shop is open!

As I’m trying to navigate a blogging path of bringing healthier food options and recipes of gluten free sweet indulgences, some exciting things are definitely happening. I was asked to join Culinary Content Network of bloggers on The Daily Meal site and several of my recipes have already been shared on the site including a special feature The Blogger Spotlight where my blog was profiled MSN Food also often posts TDM recipes so my creations were featured there too. I belong to the Professional Bloggers Association and have been active in the Gluten Free Global Community.

As you can see, I take cooking very seriously, but writing is also my passion, it brings me a great satisfaction to know that my blog connects people from different parts of the world and joins us all in the love of cooking and writing. And several blog awards I was nominated for are great signs that people get inspired by what they read on my blog. I have also won a round of Diced! in 2013 Food blog competition set up by The Ranting Chef, a successful food blog where I frequently write guest posts. I even got cool prizes to keep! 🙂

Probably the coolest thing is that the blog was visited (and liked 🙂 ) by Chef Lena Kwak, who, in collaboration with Chef Thomas Keller, developed an awesome gluten free flour mix Cup4Cup that I often use in my recipes Chef Kwak featured two of my recipes, Rustic Fruit Crostata and Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes, on her website and Twitter feed at the time of her visits. It was definitely a huge honor for me! 

You can contact me with any questions about my recipes or if you need help navigating gluten free living. I can be reached at

Hope you find a lot of inspiration on my blog! Please sign up to receive regular blog posts and come back often. Thank you and happy exploring!


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