Sunday in Bed


It’s raining cats and dogs in NYC today (I think I saw a couple elephants flying by too) so today is a perfect day to stay in bed and do nothing. Well, almost nothing. There are always things to dream about, ponder, read and write… and snack of course.


Are you enjoying my daily posts so far? I hope you do. I even managed to post a recipe yesterday. If you missed it, go back to the blog and read; we had a special guest blogger on.

I’ve spent a lot of time in bed in my life, literally, months and months if you add it all up, and, I’m talking beyond sleeping, just being sick, through 12 surgeries, 9 months of cancer treatment, and every sick day in between. My most profound thinking moments happened in bed, the best of dreams were created there too. Some days, it is a struggle to believe that I would ever be anywhere beyound the bedroom walls, and, other days, I get up and get busy chasing my dreams.

In two months, I’ll be facing another surgery, lucky number 13, so, these walls will become a sanctuary yet again. But, when one day, my heart will stop beating, remember the girl who dreamed big (and, prepare for your house to be haunted because I’m definitely going to mess with you beyond the grave too 😊).


I like to be morbid, it helps me feel alive for now. It’s a #scorpiothing . I was looking through some clever headstones pictures yesterday. I’d better believe mine will have some smart-ass saying too!

But, for now, spend some time on creating, and thinking, and writing, and dreaming… spend some time in bed with me.