Foodie Friday – Wacky Recipe

Yet another one of my recipes was posted on The Daily Meal site where I belong to their network of bloggers who contribute to much of TDM’ content. Those of you not familiar with The Daily Meal, head over there to check all kind of food and drink related things. TDM’s recipes and other articles are also often shared on the MSN Food site (a couple of my recipes have been featured there too), and a Q & A article with me was published back in May in TDM’s Blogger Spotlight feature.

This time, my recipe was posted in a weekly Wacky Wednesday article where unusual recipes are brought to readers’ attention. TDM posted my recipe of Mini Spinach Cakes with Limoncello Glaze and Strawberry Mice done in 2014.



Check it out here

That was a fun and nostalgic post, check out the recipe here

And, speaking of other entertainment things, I’m taping a segment for a new TV show tomorrow. It’s not food related but not everything in my life has to be about food. It’s a fabulous women’s talk show coming to one of the local networks that will breach all important subjects of being females and simply just being human. It’s raw, funny and I’m stoked to contribute.

And, I have 3 photo shoots to model for sometime this Fall, playing different characters. I have a couple of friends photographers who like me to work for free (kidding). It’s always fun but a hard work too, you need to pose for hours sometimes. I also walked in a fashion show a few years back I remember. That was interesting but made it hectic (and a bit surreal) as NBC was shooting it for one of their segments too.

So let’s just say, sometimes the media is having an intermittent love affair with me. 🙂  I’m just not sure if I can always love them back.