More Cake…


That’s me in September with all the birthdays and other holidays. And October is no better either with yet more birthdays and celebrations. I’m pretty sure I usually get invited only because I’d bring baked goods. So, generally by the time MY birthday rolls in, I’m all “baked”, but, since nobody else wants to make MY cake, I have to bake my own too (bastards!). I’m not sure yet what my birthday cake will be this year. I’ll think about it in November. 🙂

But for now it’s berry tart with white chocolate sauce for grandma’s birthday dinner today. (Grandma is a trooper, she just turned 94 :))



And caramel apple pie cupcakes for a co-worker’s birthday party on Tuesday.


If you want the recipe for cupcakes, head over exactly 3 years back and read this post There were slight variations that I did today: added chopped almonds and 1 tsp almond extract to the batter and put apple filling on top of the cupcakes instead of the inside.

It was interesting to read what was happening and what occupied my mind 3 years ago and to notice that a lot of what I said then is repeating now, yet my approach is still the same: proceed with kindness and orient myself according to my personal integrity, not what society and other people expect me to do.

If you weren’t my follower at that time yet, head over to that post to read what life was before you found me and my blog 🙂 I like that picture of me in my home office in that post too.

And, make the cupcakes of course!