Foodie Friday – Narnia Recipe

#guilty  #SMH at my own self yet proceeding to churn bewitched pecan butter and make regular trips to Narnia to  lasso those bananas.

Also, who painstakingly plans all recipes and arranges dishes and garnish in a complete OCD manner to take pictures (while there are people impatiently waiting to actually sit down to eat).

And who may or may not have purchased a mini photo studio to make her food photography better.

And, who is also OCD about the choice of words so she’s completely aware caramalised is “British-speak” and posts it with this explanation lest people would think she can’t spell even though they may let it slide as English is not her native language. #canwriteinEnglishbetterthansomenativespeakersshehasmet

#OMGImacrazyfoodie #orImjustcrazy