Beautiful Scars


I have so many scars and so many stories to tell! Through surgeries, illnesses and cancer, my body’s been marked by so many scars. But the biggest ones live within my heart, where pain was transformed into love and betrayals merged into forgiveness. Some still bleed, and a new one is waiting to be absolved.

Last night was time to spin another story, two new beautiful tattoos were done, both at the same time, transforming pain (these two were mighty painful to get done!) into art.


That’s a D (for Diana of course), my true essence is always inside my heart. The lady bug, as dainty and ethereal as it may seem, is also a symbol of dreams and hopes coming true, a lush garden in its full bloom holding a fertile ground for everything that you wish for coming to fruition.

The other tattoo stays hidden, underneath my clothes, etched onto my skin, till someone special shows up…