A Complete Experience

How is your holiday weekend going, are you just home with the family, are you traveling, at the beach perhaps?

Talk to me! Tell me what’s been happening.

Is it hot by you? We have a hot  July-like weather here in New York. I take my words back a few posts ago when I was complaining about the cool days despite it being late May. Now it’s just a tad too much! I was hoping for no AC June weather up ahead, I guess I’m out of luck.

My kid just came home from college and is now a sophomore come September (how did than happen?), a year ago he was still saying goodbye to his school years. “What’s on the agenda?”, I asked him since he’s only home for a month and has a summer class to take. “Sleeping”, said the tired kid. “Exciting summer” (smirk). I’m pretty sure he’ll change his mind in a few days.

But for now, I thought the kid deserved some mothering and to be spoiled a bit, with food of course. And, since it’s a Memorial Day weekend, there have to be a few traditional dishes involved, but let’s just pick it up a notch and make it fancy. And let’s make everything from scratch (we’re spoiling the kid, remember!).

It’s a “complete experience” on a plate!


What’s Cooking This Week

We’re a going a slight (or strong) Mediterranean route in today’s recipe and making everything from scratch. Feel free to skip some steps or get a few pre-made ingredients. It’s a filling hot of-the- grill meal that’ll leave you and your family or guests satisfied yet not over stuffed, and still ready for dessert. You can pre-make flatbreads in advance, just make sure to keep them covered and warm until you’re done making the rest of the foods.

Chèvre-Stuffed Lamburgers with Sun Dried Tomatoes-Tahini Pesto on Gluten Free Flatbread and Radish Coleslaw with Poppy Seed Yogurt Dressing


Flatbread (makes 4):

2 cups flour (I used Domata gluten free mix)

1/2 envelope of instant yeast

1 egg

1 cup of water

1/2 tsp of baking powder

1/2 tsp each salt, garlic powder and herb blend

olive oil to brush the tops


Combine flour, yeast, salt, baking powder, garlic and salt together, separately beat together an egg and water, add it to the flour mixture and make a soft dough. Knead it to incorrect the flour and divide into four parts, form flatbreads and lay them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Brush the tops with olive oil and sprinkle some herbs. Bake at 350F in a pre-heated oven till the tops are slightly golden. Cover to keep them warm.

Sun dried tomatoes-tahini pesto:

1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes

1 Tbsp olive oil

3 tsps tahini

1/2 tsp each sea salt, oregano and coriander

1/4 tsp garlic and pepper


Combine all ingredients and blend in a food processor. If you made extra flatbreads, they go nicely together with pesto as a snack.


Radish coleslaw with poppy seed yogurt dressing:

3-4 large radishes, grated

2 cups of cabbage (I used Savoycabbage), finely chopped

1/2 cup of carrots, grated

2-3 stalks of scallions, chopped

2-3 Tbsps of parsley, chopped

6 oz of plain yogurt

1 tsp of lemon juice

1/2 Tbsp of poppy seeds

salt, pepper, herbs to taste


Combine all the vegetables, mix dressing ingredients separately, chill both and dress the coleslaw right before serving.

Lamburgers (makes 4):

1 lb of ground lamb

3-4 oz chèvre (I used with herbs)

salt, pepper to taste


Add salt and pepper to ground meat, separate into 8 parts, make a thin patty from each part, place a slice of cheese inside 4 patties and cover them with the tops, make sure to seal the sides to prevent the cheese from getting out. Grill or fry on a grill pan, top with pesto and serve right away on flatbreads. A glass of homemade iced tea with fresh mint goes nicely with this meal too.


And, since it’s a complete experience, there was dessert too of course!

Chestnut flour skillet brownie was ready in just 30 minutes. I’ll try posting this recipe in another post. My kid was in food heaven today!