You are Loved, and You are Enough


See, you got it all wrong, you got it backwards. Love is not about what you need to give, it is about how much you are willing to receive. The journey is not to lose yourself in the merging, the path is really to find Yourself, your True Self, the one that’s been buried inside for years, suppressed by the burdens of life and self-imposed restrictions, longing to come out and free the Spirit to feel alive and to feel loved.

You need to accept love before you are able to love too and project that to yourself and anyone else of your own choosing. Authentic feeling is not about obligations as none are imposed on you, and it’s not about what your surface Ego Permits for you to experience, it’s about allowing yourself to accept what your Spirit Needs to “breathe”: care, support, acceptance, understanding- Love…

Your task is to take in as much as you need, soak it in to the very core of your Being, coat every single cell of you in the unbelievable caress of this loving energy.

And just Be!

Be You!

Be your True Self!

Feel real joy!

Feel Love!

You are magnificent!

You are amazing!

You are cherished!

You are enough as You Are!

And you are very much Loved!


You are never alone! Sending you love!