Crisis or Opportunity

broken glass


I posted this on Twitter recently without realizing that this phrase has been prominently featured in real life, not just my clients’ but a lot of other people I know including myself.

Do you find it’s true for you also?

As destructive and disorienting crisis is, or just going through tough times, at the end, it always leads to some new opportunities and open doors. Only when you completely destroy the outdated foundation, you can actually build something better for yourself. Old puzzle pieces only make the same patterns, you need to create a completely new game for yourself in order to find true happiness.

Do not be intimidated by fear, you have more strength than you attribute to yourself, the first step is the hardest, making a decision to accomplish that step is already winning the battle.

Trust in the full support and benevolence of the Universe, you will be guided and protected, and in the end, it will all be okay!