It’s a Brrrr Day

How’s your Valentine’s Day going, what did you do today? Did you get my early morning Valentine’s post? I thought I’d say one more time how much I love you.

I hope it was warm and cozy by where you are. This was morning temperature in NYC, it’s in Fahrenheit in case you’re wondering. I live close to the ocean bay, so it was even colder here.


But I was up and baking in the morning, you got to warm up somehow, right?

Somebody mentioned that it’s Valentine’s Day and brutally cold today, that means 9 months from now, there will be a lot of babies born in November. I say, bring it! We need more November babies, I feel lonely in November and want little Scorpio brothers and sisters! 🙂

But in bigger news, tomorrow is the day when all the good chocolate goes on sale. I like the dark one, with fruit and nuts or cream inside. Can you please bring me some chocolate next time?! I promise I’ll share.


But back to baking and desserts. Some braved the cold and came over to share sweets.

And, where were you, may I ask?! I was waiting!

And I missed you today!