A to Z Blogging Challenge – K is for Kindness




This is probably the best quote that describes who I strive to be in life. I’m definitely no Mother Teresa, but I want to be wrong about being kind every single day! In a way, it makes everything very simple – treat people with kindness and understanding as everyone is fighting some kind of a battle, even if you know you’ll be disappointed with people, allow room for more chances, compassion and try not to judge, understanding does not mean approving, explanation does not always lead to acceptance, it just gives people a chance to be who they can be at that particular moment, they may change in a future, or they may remain the same, you allow for both possibilities to exist without rushing the process as it about somebody else, not you. I certainly have my own views and opinions and a definite voice, I’m surely not a doormat or a pushover, yet I’d rather live my life from the point of love and light than harbor anger and bitterness about everyone who ever crossed or wounded me.

Yes, it’s a simple philosophy, and, yes, it’s hard to live in it, but, somehow, I make it work…