A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

It’s almost April, and April means A to Z Blogging Challenge. Last year it was so much fun, though a bit challenging to post every day for a whole month, but I learned to love the short format, and it’s actually how my Almost Wordless Wednesday idea came to be. Short and sweet and straight to the point. Here is the link to learn more about A to Z Blogging Challenge www.a-to-challenge.com

Last year my A to Z Blogging theme was Life in Quotes. This year’s theme is Emotions. Why emotions? Because I think they often get bad reputation being viewed as something unfavorable and less desirable. We are all too focused on physical and intellectual sides as we consider them strong and productive, yet emotions are thought to be weak, unstable and something that knocks us off balance. This erroneous notion cannot be any further from the actual truth! A truly balanced person has all 4 pillars intact and in constant interaction with each other – physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitive – all sides have to harmoniously co-exist and enrich personal experience. If a person denies the true depth or even mere presence of certain emotions, it’s like a three-legged animal that can’t get far in life as we are not just a shell of physical cells and intellectual grey matter, we are humans and we feel emotions, we get hurt or angry and we experience love and joy.

Many emotions feel foreign and scary, even if those emotions are positive, such as love or trust, so people tend to just push them away. Always remember, now matter overwhelming certain emotions feel, you are still in charge! Feelings are just visitors, guests into a dwelling of your heart, welcome them, fully experience them and then keep the ones that make your life richer and let go of the ones that do not serve you. When some emotion rises, ride it like a wave rider, you are always on top, you have a choice to drown or be in control while still fully experiencing the ride. If you are too scared, you have to face your fear and say hello to your emotions. Trust me, your soul will thank you!

One of the very first tasks that I often make my clients do in therapy is to learn about all kinds of human emotions (and there’s a long list of them) and then learn to recognize and experience them without fear or judgement. Join me this April on a journey to explore some of those emotions.

Here is a schedule of my future posts, all days except Sundays have a letter assigned, and each letter will correspond to a certain emotion.


I will still continue writing Almost Wordless Wednesday and Foodie Friday posts, and will try to squeeze a few regular recipe posts, that means that on Wednesdays and Fridays there will be two posts. If you are not sick of me now, I guess you will be by the time April ends! ๐Ÿ™‚