The Big 8

Hi all and sorry for being silent this past month – I haven’t been feeling well (plus dealing with life’s bumps and curves).

I promise to start posting again though, and this day looks like a good way to start.

Today marks the 8th anniversary since my cancer diagnosis, and I like the number 8 – if you turn it on its side, it looks like a sign of eternity, and I hope to live for eternity, however long mine lasts.


I have now officially survived for 8 years. And, if I never accomplish anything else in my life, at least I’ll have that – being, living…

I remember that cold February day when the doctor came back in a room and said that the initial results did not look good but the biopsy result won’t be ready for another few days. I knew in my heart though that it was cancer, and I had to put my “work boots” on and get my hands dirty getting down to the lowest level of blood, mess, sweat and tears.

Actually, the only time I cried was the day when the biopsy result was confirmed, but it was more as a sign of resolve (but not defeat) that a battle is pending.


So this weekend looks like a good time to reflect and to wish for many more 8s.

On the coldest night this year so far…


Celebrating with friends, cocktails and blue hair selfies…