Gratitude – Day 30




3 things I’m grateful for today:


–  This delicious looking “Cherry Garcia” chocolate cake that I just made for tomorrow’s all September birthdays celebration at work. It’s all ready and packed to go. I know it will be much enjoyed (it has moonshine cherries on top :)).

–  Those new baking pans I got at Williams-Sonoma last week are awesome! They produced evenly baked layers and made taking them out a breeze!

–  I’ve managed to stick to my Gratitude challenge and post every day for the past 30 days (no matter what was going on, how I felt, or if I even felt anything great was going on each particular day)!


So today is the last day of the Gratitude challenge. So far, I’ve had at least 90 things that I was grateful for, but I know a lot more was going on, and even more so there are so many things that we just pass by, ordinary things that we’re used to just taking them for granted and not paying enough attention to pause and give thanks.

I’ve also learned the value of doing short posts with just a few sentences or a couple of pictures giving me a clue that some posts in the future could be like that, just short and sweet as a “hello” and give you a glimpse of what’s cooking in the Peddler’s kitchen. I will continue my Wordless (or Almost Wordless) Wednesdays as they proved to be popular.

My huge thank you to all my followers who read my posts, “liked” them and inspired me to continue on. And a special thank you to many new people who joined my blog these past 30 days. It’s been a great month, thank you!