Gratitude – Day 29




3 things I’m grateful for today:


–  A huge thank you to Dunkin Donuts for now offering almond milk latte! You made my day! Welcome to 2014 when dairy and soy milk are outdated. Now if only  Starbucks would wake up and smell the coffee (with almond milk)! I don’t buy a lot of coffee drinks out, I’m actually kind of snobby and particular about coffee (it has to be good), therefore I have a French press at work and make my own, but when I’m out and about, especially in the morning, like today, I need my coffee to go, and if it’s a latte, it’s a special treat. Today is National Coffee Day by the way, enjoy a cup!

–  Getting home early today because I was at a different work site. And those free hours are very helpful as I have yet more baking to do, for a birthday event at work.

–  Actually enjoying an 1.5 hour ride, each way, to get to the work site (it was off-peak so it was pleasant), as it gave me a chance to get lost in my thoughts and reflect on a lot of things that happened this year and try to guess (or dream) what else may come. My birthday year is coming to a close soon. For the past several years I’ve noticed that soon after (or around my birthday), some new developments materialize, new people appear, some roads end and others open up. This is how it usually happens, we just don’t always notice it. We should mark birthday years more than we mark New Years, new period does not always start on January 1st.