Gratitude – Day 27




3 things I’m grateful for today- or how you know you’re a foodie:

–  Normal people, when stressed out (and still pissed from yesterday), will go out for a walk to calm the nerves, or exercise, or maybe hide under the covers to sleep in. But if you’re a foodie, you’ll head straight to the kitchen to bake because this is where you rest and “hide” from the world. This Italian Plum Cake is just a “side effect” of your stress treatment. Oh yes, it is “F*** this diet” good! (And if you ask nicely, I’ll post the recipe shortly :))

–  If you’re a foodie, you spot a known TV chef at Williams-Sonoma (and actually recognize her). You then start following her to see what she picks. In a completely snotty conclusion you decide, you’re just waaaaaaay better because you’re shopping for “big girl” baking tools, and she is there looking at kitchen towels.  It must’ve been that thick pot cloud you walked though before entering the store that overinflated your ego. (Why is there a pot cloud by Columbus Circle out of all places?! Or Soho and Village are so polluted already that the cloud just had no choice but to move Uptown?!)

–  And then like a “big girl” you sit down to have two (!) cake pieces. Because yes, foodies have to make sure the food is good!