Gratitude – Day 18





3 things I’m grateful for today, or rather 3 people and their birthdays:


–  Happy birthday to a dear friend who is a true visionary! You are definitely a go-getter, but you are also a dreamer. You’re changing the world one technology beat at a time, but all your ideas first start in your heart. Your hard work and dedication will pay off in all the innovations you inspired and all the young people that you’ve mentored and opened the roads for to create a legacy far beyond your lifetime. So march on, future society relies on you! 🙂

–  Happy birthday to my close friend’s daughter Marina! You’re surely the apple of your mother’s eye! She is so proud of you, and she will stand behind you in everything that you will ever choose. You will always be her sweet baby, her sunshine and the very air she breathes even though you’re now a grown woman yourself. Have a great year ahead, new opportunities and roads being opened for you!

–  Happy birthday to Sergei, one of my former boyfriends back to when I was barely out of my teens! I’m so happy that we are still in contact despite being decades and literary an ocean apart. The foundation of our relationship was friendship, and that’s exactly what helped to sustain the connection through the years. We are having a virtual across-the-ocean drink together!

Happy happy joy joy – happy birthday to 3 very dear people!