Gratitude – Day 12




3 things I’m grateful for today:


–  Happy 13th birthday to our little Virgo – my best friend’s middle daughter Sabrina! You’re now officially a teenager (but judging by your no-nonsense attitude, you’ve been one for quite a few years). You were born just a day after the unimaginable tragedy of 9/11 and were a ray of sunshine and hope during those dark days. I heard you were greeted with a cheesecake and gifts in bed this morning, and you loved it. And I told your mom “what woman wouldn’t?!”  🙂

–  It’s been almost 3 weeks since the kid got his driver’s license, and not once did he text me yet another “harassing” picture of some motorcycle that he wants, even though I had to endure it for almost a year prior. I’m afraid he’s gearing up for something bigger, like a Lamborghini.

–  The fact that pink tutus exist in adult sizes too. I’m wearing one for a breast cancer walk I’m doing with my friends next month.