Gratitude – Day 5




3 things I’m grateful for today:

– This luscious Italian lemon cake I’m enjoying right now. What’s your snack today? And if you really really want it too, stay tuned for the recipe, it’s coming up in some later post.

– Vodka. Because I need it to get me through September. (So a note to any doctors, if I come to see you for my cancer screening this month and seem drunk, just don’t mind me, I need to be drunk to stay calm while you decide if you should give me a “clean bill” or “you will perish” card for the year ahead). Plus vodka goes nicely with lemon, or cake, or with just about anything…

– The lawyer for my newly opened World Trade Center compensation case who tells you “we will take care of everything, your job is to take care of yourself and get treatment for your health conditions”. And that’s how you know you’ve found a good lawyer and to simply know they exist.