Gratitude – Day 2




3 things I’m grateful for today:

– This breakfast of gluten free waffles, almond butter and homemade strawberry jam than I had at 11:30 (!) this morning – life is pretty good when you’re not at work, especially in this heat!

– My new Facebook friend Andrew, who, despite the fact that our public chats managed to piss off about 4575 Facebook friends (4570 of those were his :)) in just the first hour of our new “friendship”, continues to be a great sport about having the same twisted quirky sense of humor as mine. Thank you Andrew!

– My mom, who I can thank every single day, and it still won’t be enough. Who I’ll call and complain to tonight and who I know will tell me, just as every time she did, that somehow it will all work out, and I will believe her, because when these words are said by your mom, you know it’s true, and it will in fact all work out, at the end…