Every Man Needs To Know




A great list of advice for every young man, or a man-to-be, which I recently tried to push on my now 17 year old, only he wasn’t impressed (or even listening). Because, you know, he is 17, and just “knows it all”.

I’m saving the list of course, we’ll try to review it again in about 5-6 years, hopefully at the point of his college graduation. Maybe the self-absorbed and know-it-all stage will pass by that time.

And in a mean while, I thought it would be nice to make some mental notes on the list items that are worth conveying, from a woman’s perspective.

#1 and #2 – Absolutely! And may I add, sometimes go for “out of my type” girl too, you might be surprised that some opposing qualities will balance out yours and will make for a great experience. And as far as #2 goes, equal desires create magic, don’t settle for a lukewarm carnival trick. Yet at the same time, it’s OK to “spin the magic wheel” and have an awesome connection even if you know your partner is not that “one and only”. As long as mutual chemistry, intellectual click, admiration and respect for each other exist, tender and meaningful moments are possible.

#7 – Cannot agree more! You can be sexy as hell in a nice dark blue suit with a crispy white shirt and a standout tie. And never ever do #15, unless you are under the age of 5, or want to be perceived as one. And #7 will hopefully help you achieve #39.

#11 – Hobbies and other life interests are as important as your work, they feed your soul and create a balanced human experience. Find what makes your heart tick and carve some time every week to pursue your passions.

#14 – Mandatory! No matter your age, you are still our babies, we love and worry about you till the day we die.

#16 – Do so with a man. With a woman, I wish a European tradition to lightly kiss a woman’s hand instead of shaking it, would settle in America too. I know, not happening… Le sigh…

#17 – Amen!!! And it really should be #1. Do it even if you know nothing about the style or the color (a female color naming spectrum is far more sophisticated than a male one). Actually if you do know anything about the style (and unless you work in a fashion industry), I will start wondering what I’m doing with you, as you are obviously playing for “the other team”.

#19 – Does not equal to cockiness! And is quite the opposite! Nothing is more repulsive to a woman than an empty bragging and arrogance.

#20 – Yes! And you can also say a lot about a man judging how he treats others in less fortunate situations.

#32 – One of the purposes in life! A professional field without a heart and passion in it is a waste of time, your talents and dedication. You may not always do exactly what you’d wish for, and not all days will be roses and soft whispers, but find some meaning and the sides that make you happy and fulfilled, that will be all worthwhile.

#33 – Totally! Just make sure they both go in unity and “agree” on your pick, then see #2.

#38 and #41 go together. Probably the most difficult items to explain right now to “know it all” 17 year old.

#40 – Absolutely! But please do work on some character qualities that hinder your overall growth.

#44 – The best doesn’t mean perfect, perfection doesn’t exist in a human world, it’s all very subjective. But be the best you can possibly be, and some days the best will mean a little less than you’d usually put in, go with your natural flow, learn from mistakes and try again. It’s a process not a “stamp and move on” thing.

And #45 – Enjoy it baby! Even if you perfected #32, work, no matter how meaningful, does not constitute the whole You. Don’t miss out on other sides of your existence, make sure you set aside regular times when you do something unrelated to work, make sure that you have at least a few minutes every day dedicated just for you, to either sit quietly and ponder yourself or do what feeds your heart and soul. Honor the Magnificent You in all your expressions and all your sides!



What’s Cooking This Week

Hopefully you followed me along, and let’s say you were successful at ##1, 2, 7, 17, 33, 39 and 43. Maybe you were even able to  “spin the magic wheel” a few times last night. The recipe below is the best one to wake up to, it’s manly enough to serve it to a man, but it also has that sexy and sophisticated appeal that will impress your lady.

Cheesy Bacon, Asparagus and Tomato Tart


Crust (will make 8-9 inch square or round tart:

1 1/4 cup of flour (I used Cup4Cup gluten free mix)

1 stick of butter, slightly softened

2 eggs

1/8 tspoon of salt

1/2 tspoon of Italian seasoning mix


5 eggs

2 cups of shredded cheese of your choice (I used dairy free daiya Havarti Jalapeño)

10 asparagus stalks, stems cut to fit in

10 slices of bacon

10-12 cherry tomatoes, cut in half

1/4 tspoon each dry basil, oregano and parsley


To make the crust, combine flour, salt and seasoning, make a well in the middle of the mix and break the eggs into it, then using a fork gradually incorporate them into the dry ingredients. Cut butter into small pieces and incorporate that into the mix too. Knead lightly just to make a ball, wrap the dough into plastic and let it chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.

In a mean while, make the filling. Wrap a piece of bacon around each asparagus stalk, cut the tomatoes. Mix shredded cheese with eggs that’ve been lightly beaten, add seasonings.

Take the dough out of the fridge and knead on a floured surface until soft, roll it out and shape inside the tart pan, cut the sides if necessary. Pour the filling mixture in.


Arrange asparagus and tomatoes on top of the filling.


Bake in a pre-heated oven at 325F degrees for 10 minutes, then raise the temperature to 350F and bake for another 15 minutes or so, this way the filling will cook through without burning the tart edges too much.

A perfect breakfast you can both share and enjoy.


Enjoy indeed!