Z is for Zest



So here we are, at my last post for this blogging challenge. And this is a perfect post to round it up, it talks about food and life and finding your zest for both, just what my whole blog is about. We need hunger to push us into the kitchen and start creating so we can feed the body, and we need zest and the motivation to propel us into action so we can start building the exact life path we want.

To me, a drive for food (or rather for creating it) is often that mighty force that gets me out of bed some mornings and gives my life a meaning and a purpose. “Not enough” might say you. “Plenty” I will answer. One of the best feelings I have standing in my kitchen, with the music playing, and me creating something that I know I will later share with people I love.

Not all things in life have to be grand, the most simple things are sometimes the most rewarding ones. What propels me now is making a cake my son wants for his 17th birthday next week. If that’s not a good enough reason for some, to me, it’s priceless. And if some days I can barely get out of bed, I’ll gather together all the pain and exhaustion and maybe not so happy feelings inside me and zest these “lemons” off to make the most beautiful and tasty birthday cake I can master  and then see my grown boy enjoying it – to me it’s an actual visual representation of what my life is about.

It may be a life with many lemons, but it’s surely full of zest.






Z is for zest and for making this recipe, because you are all stars for supporting me though this blogging challenge, thank you!

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