W is for Words




Be sure to really taste them and see what kind of emotions they create in YOU.

Words can either hurt or heal, brake down or uplift, choose wisely before you voice them out. And if you do aim to actually hurt with the words you speak, think about what they will do to you too. Yes, you may get a temporary satisfaction of winning and having that high of being on top, but it will harm your soul into a deep wound too, you may not notice it, or you may dismiss it, but it will be there, a damage sometimes stuck there forever, unless another deep process will take place – a process of atonement and forgiveness.

Concentrate on words of kindness, say “I love you” before you have to give a gentle criticism, say “You are smart and beautiful” to somebody struggling with self worth, say “You are a hero” to a person who feels broken down by misfortune. Kind words go far, far beyond and for a longer time that it takes to say them. And for those who speak them too, they will envelope your heart in a shield of gratitude, because you’d be grateful for a divine spark of Love just for that minute, the feeling you’d be able to pass on to another person.

Be present, fully present, in that moment when you speak  and taste your words, do you feel sweet or bitter? Whichever you pick, that’s exactly what your heart will taste too, whether you choose to acknowledge that or not…






W is for words and for choosing which way to go, in this recipe too

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