U is for Universe



The Universe is always there, at your command, waiting for you till you take that first step. Sometimes we keep asking for signs and begging for a push not realizing we may have passed by a hundred signs already and ignored all the pushes and nudges.

Not all signs are as literal as this picture of course, but some are pretty damn close, yet we still doubt ourselves as we don’t believe that such things as “signs” exist, and it’s really all about just our determination and will. Yes, I’m definitely not dismissing any of these, but when the Universe conspires to bring in the perfect timing and the circumstances, how often do we dismiss it saying “it’s just too good to be true”?! Too many times. And I’m guilty of it myself.

The Law of Attraction works if you work it. Ask, and you will receive. You will not always get exactly what you want, but you will always receive what you actually need. And if the two coincide, that means your inner self is truly in tune with the Universal Plan for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask, but be prepared to act.  You’ll be given a chance, don’t let it go by.






U is for Universe and for making this universally loved dish (with a little twist)

Benvenuti Signore e Signori!



Linguine with Tomato Apple Sauce