T is for Truth



I often struggle whether or not certain things have to be voiced to the other person, but I do also believe in some circumstances we do need to hear the truth. And I absolutely agree that the truth must be given with love, that is for the betterment of the person and only with that in mind, not for the selfish reasons of righteousness or to hurt the other person.

I sometimes say “my fear of you getting angry with me is less than your need to hear the truth, and only out of love I want to say it so you can then make your own decisions or use it as a path for growth”. And, yes, some people did get angry at me, but the message was delivered, and even though the messenger was “shut” at the time, the information was incorporated and later used to make better choices, and I was actually thanked quite a few times.

Speak the truth only if it could lead to some potential progress but stay silent if it won’t solve or change anything and can possibly lead to hurt or misunderstanding. Choose wisely, but let your heart lead, it won’t ever betray you.






T is for truth and for making these tarts

Buongiorno Bella!



Rustic Fruit Tarts