Q is for Quest



Otherwise what’s the point of doing it at all?!

I know what makes me happy (no amount of time, energy spent or the complexity of the task) – cooking, baking, crating in the kitchen makes me the happiest. And then of course having guests in my home and sharing it all.

Today was a full day of Easter meal baking and cooking, 9 hours spent in the kitchen, I’m tired but happy. It’s all wort it!

6 years ago, right in the beginning of my gluten free lifestyle quest, I was questioning if I ever enjoy dessert again. Today it’s not even a question. And I don’t even have to schlep to a health food store or a fancy gluten free bakery. I can make anything I want gluten free, and I can make it so good that people won’t even question if it’s gluten free or gluten filled, they just enjoy it. You can say my mission is complete, and my quest is over, but quest assumes a journey. And I don’t want this one to be over, I want it to continue till the day I die. Or I guess till I can still stand and mix some things up in the kitchen.

There are still things to learn, desserts to make and sample, people to invite over (I can skip washing the dishes though).

Wishing you all a very Happy and Joyous Easter Celebration!




Q is for quest and for quality gluten free desserts created in my kitchen today.


Blueberry Upside Down Almond-Coconut Cake




Chocolate Tart with Berry Almond Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries