N is for Nurturance



Did you think it’ll be one of my uplifting posts?

Sorry kids, I’m out of “fuzzies” today.

Plus we are half way through the blogging challenge, it’s kind of like a hump day (and it is Wednesday) so let’s get on my sarcastic side and talk about fails like killing a cactus.

– I did actually kill a cactus or two, and many other plants and living organisms, I have “black thumbs” instead of green, I just can’t take care of anything green and living. I did have a dog though, in my 20s, that lived into very old age. And we had fish and a turtle… But green things – no, they just die on me.

– I’m so directionally challenged, I’m surprised I don’t get lost in my own home. I get lost all the time, even with Google maps and GPS in my hand. And if you spin me around three times right in front of my home, I’ll get disoriented and lost too.

– I have more clothes and shoes than I actually remember, probably enough to sustain a small theater company. I still stand in front of a closet each morning whining “I have nothing to wear”.

– I’m so afraid of heights, I don’t even like living above the 2nd floor. Going to the Empire State Building many years ago was not fun at all!

– And I’m deathly afraid of snakes, even typing this word gives me the chills. Throughout my 20s and early 30s, I used to have almost daily nightmares about snakes. I don’t know how I survived and not developed a sleeping disorder.

– I’m NOT a morning person, at all! I wake up very grumpy and gradually work through the day to the point when I resemble and behave like a human, usually not before noon.

– One of those early grumpy morning several years ago, I decided that standing on a computer chair to reach something from the high closet shelf is just the thing to do, only to have the chair wheel away right under me, and flopping straight on my face, and having blood splashing all over… My bedroom looked like somebody was just murdered there, so did my face for two weeks, and I almost had a concussion. Did I not say I’m not a morning person?!

– As much as I’m skilled at cooking and baking, flops still happen. I just killed my food processor, I overworked it so the motor burned. I heard it was making these pathetic grinding sounds, and some smoke appeared, but I paid no attention. Now you know how most men in my life felt…



N is for nurturance (the sarcastic side of it too) and for making this recipe

Party Like a Professional



Nutella wnd Strawberries Cupcakes