K is for Kindness




Kindness is love with its “work boots” on – putting your love into action and showing compassion, to both others and yourself. I’ve been told way too many times that I justify people’s actions too much, that the way I behave is something beyond the modern time, and I’m about two centuries too late… Honestly, I don’t always care what other people say.

I believe in saying “please and thank you even for the most little things, and I’ll definitely get back to you, when I said I would, or I’d surely inform you otherwise”. I believe in never leaving without saying goodbye, and thank you, whether it’s till the next day or when you are exiting a relationship. I believe in letting a person speak and explain, no matter how horrible the transgression may be (the other person may need a chance to speak more than you need a reason to listen), and I believe in compassionate understanding that may not necessarily be the same as justification or condoning.

I believe there is never “too much” kindness and compassion, as so often we just don’t have enough. I’d much rather “overwhelm” somebody with kindness than leave an empty space where hurt and resentment may settle in. I want to make all possible mistakes in being gracious when others say I should’ve retaliated or “wish them dead”.

I want to live in a world where no amount of love and kindness is “too much” so it leaves no room for hate and destruction. I want to never take my “work boots” off no matter what other people think of me.






K is for kindness, treating yourself gently by nourishing your body and for making this recipe

Riding The Kale Express


Fruit and Kale Salad