J is for Joy




Find where YOUR joy resides. It may have a completely different home from mine. Find what feeds your soul and makes you happy. It may be totally different from other people’s happy moments. Among 1000 things that you did today, find the ones, even if it’s a single one, that brought you joy and filled your heart to a brim. And if you say “I didn’t have any”, it doesn’t mean you didn’t, it means you missed a chance to enjoy them. However big or small, and even if mixed in with huge problems and troublesome issues, tiny joyous drops are sprinkled throughout the day to remind us that the true purpose of life is to be happy.

What made you happy today? Here are my joyous moments:

– Sitting across my kid at a Turkish restaurant, sharing dinner, conversation and lots of smiles (trust me, not a typical 16 year old behavior, but enjoying it nevertheless). And yes, I was ditched right after dinner as the kid rushed to see his friend, but I take what I can and be happy about it.

– Creating in the kitchen is what brings me the most joy, but sometimes the most simple things can be enjoyable too. Throwing together a fruit salad to chew on while writing this post was one of those simple but awesomely tasty moments.

– Picking up a ginormous bag of my favorite Russian chocolates at a store today is a joy that will keep on giving for many days ahead.

– This gorgeous Spring weather that makes it feels good to be outside again (something that hasn’t happen since last year).

–  A statement from my client yesterday that you can only hear in New York ” I think my therapist is so much better than my husband’s therapist and waaaaaaay better than my sister’s therapist”. In an imaginary battle of the therapists, I won! 🙂

– A fact that despite a raging migraine, even after two Fioricet pills, I was able to compose this post and just generally function today. In a game of “mind over matter”, I stayed on top.

Find your home, find your joy.





J is for joy and for finding it even in small things like in this recipe

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