H is for Humor



I had that moment last Friday during a parent-teacher conference at my son’s high school. When I got to read one of the papers he wrote for his English Literature class. Yep, that kid is definitely mine! I didn’t know if to be ecstatic that he produced a brilliant paper or to be upset that he inherited my dark and twisted sense of humor with a heavy layer of sarcasm and interwoven streaks of self depreciation.

The paper was funny (in a clever dark and twisted kind of way), very observant, with a full command of a language and undertones (especially coming from a kid who is supposedly more tech than lit oriented) , it was very much Dostoevsky like!

If you’ve never read Dostoevsky, it may be hard to imagine the reference. But I, of course being Russian, grew up on his works, so his teacher and I almost said it at the same moment after reading it “very much Dostoevsky like”. Most of his characters are young people questioning human existence, the value of life, explore the duality of good and evil and their own dark side only to find “the light” at the end but through the experience of extremes and exploration from “the opposite”. I hope I’m making any kind of sense with this “cliff note”, it’s a little hard to explain Dostoevsky’s work in one sentence.

Or maybe he just inherited “the Russian personality”, it’s dark and twisted and full of extremes, but also raw and full of vital energy – very much Dostoevsky like too.




H is for humor, and you’ll definitely need to have it making this homemade liquor recipe


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