E is for Expectations






One of the hardest things in life – to let go of your expectations, to let go of control, illusory but the one we are so desperately clinging to, that we are in fact in charge of our own life. To say “I’m letting go” sounds like a defeat, a complete weakness and a character flaw. In a society where success and power over everything, including your own mind and body, are valued above happiness and inner comfort, stepping back and letting go are viewed as a slippery road into chaos and a complete loss.




Why do we equal expectations to hope? Expectations are attached to our belief in the outcome that will be fulfilled precisely how we want it and at the time and with circumstances we wish to see happen. Hope is faith that everything at the end will work out for good, but when, how and in what way is beyond our control, and whether we want it or not, some things may never materialize, but other ones will come and take their place then.




And, yes, it feels completely rotten when what we wanted the most will never be the one we actually get. And it feels disappointing if, after putting a lot of work into something we really hoped would blossom, we see the result that is still not successful. And we strive to construct yet another expectation, maybe even “lower it a little bit” to feel that we still have some grip, some control over life only to be surprised that more often than not, we don’t.




Letting go of expectations is hard but necessary to be truly happy and balanced. But keeping the faith alive is mandatory to always know that hope is ever present.






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