D is for Dreams




Close your eyes and dare to dream. About anything and everything you want in this life. Know that at the moment each thought enters your mind, it already exists in a world behind your closed eyes, and it has always been there.


Your dreams have always been there too, unfolding for you in their full vividness inside the reality that’s unseen but true nevertheless. Time is only linear in a world when your eyes are open, once you close them, your past, present and future collide in a spectacular moment of just “being” so live it, live it for that moment or live it for eternity, it’s all yours for as long as you claim it.


And claim it all, claim your power, claim your tenderness, claim all the people you couldn’t have in real life, and claim those who may not even exist but wanted by you anyway. Unleash your desires and let your imagination loose, there are no boundaries and no rules in a world you created yourself.


Envelope your being in a light of this creation and bathe in a sweet warmth of having your every desire fulfilled. Breathe this light in and fill your heart with everything you’ve just seen and felt. Then open your eyes and know it is all inside you, every wish and every dream and every person are still there. In a linear timeframe, some of them will come in their due time, some may stall and others may never show, but in a big beautiful Universe, all is happening now and exactly as you want. Sometime somewhere you are living a life of your dreams.


If you dare to close your eyes and think about it…



D is for everything Dutch and making this recipe

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