C is for Courage





And that’s exactly what I’ve been saying to myself almost every single day “well this thing sucked today, but I’ll try again tomorrow”. Today I’ve probably said it like a hundred times, feeling pretty miserable with a bad head cold, the whole day was one long stretch of “I’ll try it again tomorrow”.




I think courage is also facing the reality and accepting the parts that are beyond your control. I’ve long ago accepted the fact that my post-cancer and chemo body will probably never feel and function at the same level and with the same energy it was pre-cancer. I can cry and stomp my feet about it and say “it ain’t so”, but it is. Even a simple cold becomes a strategic warfare of survival, so if today is pretty miserable, then maybe if I try again tomorrow, and it will be better, or the day after tomorrow…




When I signed up for this challenge, I knew it would be exactly that, challenging, to post every day. So I made up three simple rules for myself: make a daily post, make it meaningful and be sincere. The length or the complexity of the subject was not on the list.




Therefore, 1: I posted, 2: I attached a meaningful quote, and 3: I was sincere.




I’ll try again tomorrow…





C is for Cherry and for Cupcakes and also for making this recipe

The Pink Elephant Has Left The Building





Cherry Amaretto Cupcakes