A is for Acceptance


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A is for Acceptance (and Apology)

Just like everything else in life, acceptance is a conscious choice. Nevertheless, one of the most difficult one to make. When something happens to us, and the circumstances are beyond our control, we can either accept it or resist it. 

Resisting the inevitable may be the first and the obvious impulse, but, with time, we need to learn to accept the circumstances, let go of previous expectations and move on in life.
Practicing acceptance is the only way to truly be content, not just feeling happy, but being happy. It’s the only formula to not constantly be fighting against the ever changing life and be miserable on this road. In no way I’m saying that acceptance is a sign of weakness or being defeated. Actually the opposite, true maturity of a soul comes from recognizing the flow of each change and let it (or other people) be exactly as they are. Acceptance goes hand in hand with unconditional love, to yourself first of all, by giving you the greatest gift of staying true to your own nature, but also to others, by allowing them to follow their own path.
This may be the most difficult choice when personal relationships get involved. Heightened by raw emotions, our perception is skewed, and the ego gets in a way of grace and forgiveness. It is easy to offer atonement when the person who hurt you is right in front of you, it’s a work of love to accept an apology you never got.
When life changes, and people leave, it’s up to us either carry that burden of anger inside and wait for the relief that we think should come from the outside, or let it go and release it, so we too can move on and fill the space with more love and welcome new people in life.
Accept the apology whether you heard the actual words or not, by doing this, you’ll be changing the lives of two people. Yours, by choosing a lighter and happier path, and the other person’s, by removing the burden of guilt that was left with them upon the departure. Accept that the two roads intersected at some point in time and continued on each leading to their own destination. Accept it all and then let go, you can’t ever lose what was gained in that relationship, the imprint of the memory and the love felt will stay inside your heart forever.




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