Diced! Desserts

To  my loyal followers and all other people who supported me during my previous Diced! round back in the Fall, thank you, once again, for making my win possible! I’m enjoying all the cool prizes I got as a result of being a winner, this Baking Stack is my favorite, it holds all baking supplies and tools that help me be creative in the kitchen.


It was a tough completion but also super thrilling, an experience I thought I want to repeat. Therefore, I decided to enter, and was chosen, to participate in a new round of Diced! This one is a bit different though, it’s just desserts (something I could not pass by!). The first round will start in the beginning of April and will have 16 contestants  who got their assigned dessert to make, each post will run against an assigned post of one of the other competitor, so there will be 8 mini-rounds. Whoever wins in their assigned pair will move on to the next round, and so on, thus the last one standing will be a winner. This is a months long completion, and I will most definitely need your support and votes.

When I learned what my first assigned category was, all I could say “Oh boy!”, but as The Ranting Chef himself said it ” I know you got a difficult one, but I believe you have the cooking chops to do it”, I feel I can still pull it off and make a presentable recipe. So please stay tuned, vote for my recipe when it runs (I’ll let you know), and in a mean while check all the previous guest posts I wrote for The Ranting Chef, go to Guest Bloggers page and scroll down to find my name.


See you at Diced!