Fake It Till You Make It

Fake it till you make it! How many times we’ve all heard this expression? Probably 100s of times. How many of you agree that it’s useful and productive? That side is definitely controversial. You’d probably get as many proponents as those who agree that it’s not a good coping style with whatever the circumstances that you’re trying to change (but maybe the process is just not going fast enough, or maybe not even in the direction you’d want it to go period). So what to do then? You still want to project an aura of confidence, or maybe you’re just not ready to share your struggles with the whole world. You can simply say “I’m fine” and leave it at that, you can go into an elaborate explanation of all the great things you’re working on and are about to happen (maybe they are, but maybe they are just plans or dreams), you still want to show your “celebratory” face and keep your emotional rollercoaster rides under wraps for now. And of course you can always say it the way it is, that maybe you really want certain things to happen, but it’s just not going well, or fast enough, and you’re tired and frustrated and want to quit and sink into self-pity or a full-blown depression and just be miserable for a while.

There are really no right answers to this decision, it’s whatever you want to do, at this particular time or in general, if you have a certain life view on these types of situations. “Fake it till you make it” is a strategy that may keep your spirits and hopes up and may force you to act from the point of “having already acquired” the desired outcome (the first law of attraction, believe and act from this notion, and it will happen). Or you can delve into the emotional side of whatever is actually happening and examine the process and your true feelings and decide you may share some of it with others.

Whichever stance makes you more comfortable (and happier), go with it! Just be mindful of the each side’s limitation. Don’t operate from a completely unrealistic or delusional point of view but don’t be dragged into a deep depressive hole either. Find a moderation point that works the best for you and enjoy the ride!

What’s Cooking This Week

Holidays are in full swing, parties are everywhere, food is abundant, and choices are not always (or rarely) healthy. You definitely need to moderate all the sweets, snacks and other indulgences with more sensible foods at home. You can still have that “rich” taste though and feel like the celebration still continues. The recipe below is an old favorite comfort food full of healthier choices and completely vegan.

Shells with White Beans and Vegetables in Butternut Alfredo Sauce


1 lbs of shells or other pasta (I used gluten free)

2 red bell peppers

1 onion

1 can of white beans

2 cups of cut butternut squash

2-2 1/2 cups of baby arugula or spinach

1/4 cup of vegan cream

1 tspoon each of Italian blend herbs and dry garlic

1/4 tspoon of nutmeg

salt, pepper, olive oil



In a medium pan with 4-6 cups of slightly salted water, boil the butternut squash until done, reserve 1-2 cups of water. Chop the onion and red peppers, heat up some olive oil and saute them until golden. Add a little salt, pepper, then beans and finally arugula.



When the butternut squash is done, process it in a blender with some of the reserved water. Then add it to the vegetable blend, season with garlic, spices, salt and pepper and cook until everything is almost done. Boil your pasta as the same time as you finish cooking the sauce.



Stir in vegan cream (or regular cream) and cook until everything is done.



Add drained (and rinsed, if using gluten free) pasta, mix well to incorporate the sauce evenly.

Such a hearty and comforting dish yet completely healthy lifestyle friendly. You can say the Alfredo sauce is “fake”, and you’re just “making it” till the party season is over, but I’d choose this dish any given day, holidays or not. I get to have a big bowl of pasta and then not to feel guilty if I decide to chase it down with a couple of Christmas cookies.