The Prince of Tides

Sometimes you get people in your life with whom you have more “goodbyes” than “hellos”. And sometimes those “goodbyes” are more important than the whole relationship because letting go is an act of love in itself and a word of care in action. I had two people like that in my life, I hope you had at least one as I think if you haven’t experienced loss, you won’t have anything to compare how great the love was.

The Prince of Tides is one of my favorite movies, and the book is even more amazing than what you see on a screen. Through love, they find their healing and getting whole again, through love, they lose each other but carry the spark with them throughout the rest of their lives. The separation scene is poignant and emotionally charged at the same time, you feel the loss and the new beginning all entwined in one, you damn the necessity of letting go and you applaud the beautiful closure.

Unfortunately, in life, you don’t always get the farewell you’d imagine to be the best, even if you really wanted it, or felt that you truly deserved it. Sometimes you get “whatever was available” depending on life circumstances and how the other person viewed not just the ending but the whole relationship. And you can cry your eyes out how it happened, or you can complain that it’s not fair, it won’t change the fact that there were two “dealers” in this ” game of broken hearts”, yours just did not win this time, or that time either.

And it’s probably best to leave the winners in their new round of the Russian Love Roulette as they are obviously more successful in it, or at least to wish them that their winning streak would continue.  So long my Prince of Tides, I had more ebb than flow with you, but such was the cycle of that relationship! And the White Horseman, he is long gone on a road of his own, where it leads him, I do not know, but he is happy just to take the journey.

So goodbye my loves! If the farewell was a bit bitter for you, I’m sure you can sweeten it with your new winning card. Till I see you both again, in heaven, in due time for each of us!

What’s Cooking This Week

I think during times like that, you’re allowed to medicate yourself a little, just to take the edge off and get adjusted to the new situation. Whatever your medicine is, the actual pill, some sweets or alcohol, immerse yourself into the experience, cry, if you have to, buy some cheap plates to break a few (learned the hard way), or just quietly curl on a couch sipping your drink and walking down the memory lane.

“Anarchy in the Peddler-Land” Iced Tea

2 oz of vodka (I used Liv potato vodka to make it gluten free)

4 oz of strong black tea, brewed and cooled off

1-2 lemon slices

1 sugar cube

Dissolve a sugar cube in tea, squeeze lemon juice from 1 slice and place it on a bottom of a cocktail glass. Add tea with sugar and then vodka, mix it well, then garnish with more lemon if desired. Skip the ice to make it stronger.

If you still feel sad, have another, or try it with some chocolate.