Award and Recognition

The month of October is over and so is my Pink Series. I had so much fun making the recipes and posting a valuable breast cancer information. Hope you found some nice treats and also got inspired to be more vigilant about your health and to take care of your needs in general.

October will definitely leave an unforgettable trail that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. As Sandy retrieved into the mainland, it left an incredible devastation throughout the NYC and the whole tri-state area. Floods, fires, uprooted trees, damaged cars, parts of houses destroyed, blown off power transformers, subway and inter-borough tunnels full of water – I’ve never seen such a wide-spread devastation in the city that seems to be always “on top of things”.  I was one of the lucky ones who still has the power, my parents though live in a coastal area that is usually evacuated, and they won’t have water or electricity for at least several days, so they are staying with me for now. New Yorkers have shown their heroic spirit yet again as when a whole “hospital strip” in downtown Manhattan not only lost electricity but generators gave out also, doctors and nurses carried patients down the stairs to get them to other hospitals in a safe area. My hospital is right in this flooded area too, but it was timely evacuated during the weekend and will remain closed for the rest of this week. I pray that everybody remains safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Now, back to the blog news, this month, I got nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, I’m thrilled about it and thankful to Annely at

The rules about the Award:

1.  Thank the person who nominate you.

2.  List 7 things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them.

7 Things About Myself:

1. I’m a typical Scorpio, the good and the bad about this sign are mostly accurate about me, I’m very passionate and driven (but only about things that move me, otherwise, I couldn’t care less), I could be very sensitive and “bite my own Scorpio tail”, I like to be in charge and may be a bit bossy, I have problems “letting go” sometimes, I love all the fine and expensive things in life…

2. I have a strange “inner connection” to England and everything British, when I travel to New England, I feel like “I’m home”. I must’ve had a previous life in Britain. 🙂

3. I was named after my mom’s best friend who was generally regarded as smart, beautiful and very caring. The jury is still out on the question if I actually followed in her footsteps.

4. Clinical social worker is actually my 2nd education and profession. Before I moved to the US, I had another college degree and was working as a dental technician. At the age of 24, when most young people are done with college and are looking to start a career, I had to learn a new language and decided to change a career too, so I entered college as a freshman and started my education all over again.

5. Apparently you do get wiser with age (at least in some areas). I was a “so-so” student in high school and my first college degree. I did however graduate as a valedictorian (in my 30s) from college here and then with honors from graduate school. So when my 15 year-old starts complaining that he “can’t do something”, I remind him that I “could” when I was 32 and also raising a 3 year-old.

6. I have an absolute fear of snakes. Luckily I’ve never had an encounter with one, and I’m terrified to just think of it. I can’t be anywhere near them, I can’t look at them, I can’t even say the word “snake” without going into a panic mode. Worms scare me too because they look like little snakes.

7. I have way too many clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up and other stuff. Scorpio’s guilty pleasure.

The bloggers I’m nominating for The Most Inspiring Blogger Award: