Procrastination Station

Do you ever get stuck at Procrastination Station?

Waiting for the train that just never comes?

I seem to get stuck there on a regular basis.

I’m the “pro” in “Procrastination”!

But not very proud of it, though fully admitting all my faults. My “play” tends to come before “work” on many occasions. And, yes, I’m “working on it”.

As far as the actual job/work is concerned, it is something you just have to do, your professional ethic and responsibilities are on a line here. Plus my job is from a “caring” field, sometimes I just can’t not to care (I wish I’d implement the not-caring rule in my personal life though, but once you get stuck on a certain character trait, it’s hard to get out of it).

So I guess I get stuck at two stations, Procrastination and Caring Too Much.

Both are a “work in progress” trying to re-route traffic in more constructive manner.

Sometimes you get overwhelmed by all the things that are on a list to do and need to kind of step back, review and re-group so you can actually tackle at least some of them.

But often you just feel lazy and un-motivated and would rather lay on a couch surrounded by your toys.

Somebody find me a motivation to fold and put the laundry away the minute it needs to be done and not hours later or the day after. Maybe if I didn’t have closets stuffed with other clothes, I’d actually start missing the ones in the laundry basket. So I guess there has to be a substantial impending “punishment” in order to motivate you to do the work. The negative reinforcement wins in this case.

And by-the-way, I’m supposed to be taking boxes down to recycling bins, as I’m typing this. It’s a good thing this blog is all “play” in my opinion 🙂


What’s Cooking This Week

Cooking is rarely just a chore, unless I don’t feel well or have to quickly throw together any ingredients to eat and run somewhere, or I’m just in a complete and utter snooze and laziness fest. Cooking is something I enjoy, it relaxes and puts me in a half-meditative state as a process of creation 🙂 Surely not all dishes that I make are complicated or even come out right. Baking, for example, is one of my challenges, I’ve never been an accomplished baker, and with added gluten intolerance, it’s just even more complex. Gluten free baking is all about the right mix of flours and starches plus the exact proportions to the “t”. Yet in a way, I’m now forced into tackling the challenge, and it’s been fun experimenting (and flopping miserably sometimes 🙂 )

And some dishes are just great tasting and soul-warming, no matter gluten free or not, as they remind you of your childhood and quickly gather everyone by the table with their wonderful aroma and stories you can tell while sharing the food.

Scallion Zucchini Latkes

1 medium zucchini

4-5 small potatoes

1 egg

3-5 Tbspoons of flour or Bisquick (I used gluten free version)

2 Tbspoons of mayo

2-3 scallions spears

1 tspoon of garlic powder

1 tspoon of dried chopped chives

seasoning salt or salt and pepper to taste

olive oil or spray for frying

Grate zucchini and potatoes with a large grater.

Beat the egg and add it to the mixture. Chop the scallions, add it in and also mix in chives, garlic powder, salt/pepper and mayo (you may substitute it with sour cream, but then add more spices).

Start adding flour or Bisquick little by little and mixing in well, you will generally need about 3-5 Tbspoons depending how much liquid the mixture has.

Heat up some olive oil in a frying pan and drop spoonfuls of mixture to cook. Fry on both sides till golden brown.

 Serve while still hot. Latkes are very versatile and could be a great breakfast or a side dish for either lunch or dinner. I like them with honey mustard sauce or ketchup.

Here they serve as a nice side dish along grilled chicken patties.