Playing With Emotions

Sad little witch.

Not lucky… not rich.

Needed a drastic change.

Something really strange.

Apathy had moved in to stay.

Her mood had began to decay.

Had to do something soon.

She stared at an eerie moon.


This young witch

Knew it was time to switch.

No more boring potions

Or annoying lotions.

“Not a single reptile!”

She mumbled with a smile.

“I want something new.

Yellow… red… maybe blue”.


She added a bit of this and that.

Started to sweat… took off her hat.

She used both sadness and joy.

To her, emotions were merely a toy.

A pinch of anger and a dash of fear.

She suddenly wiped away a tear.

She paused briefly to think.

Her face turned green then pink.


She’d run out of surprise and disgust.

What other emotions could she trust?!

She hated sweetness, goodness and love.

Preferred a scorpion or a crow to a dove.

She measured out two cups of contempt.

She was now filthy, sweaty and unkempt.

Then she added a fresh batch of pure awe.

It was still fresh and 100% raw.


She threw out optimism but added remorse.

The latter was so much better… of course.

She slowly stirred these emotions all night.

her haggard appearance was a hideous sight.

She mixed these emotions with great care.

Some of the substance got stuck in her hair.

She was worried that something would go wrong.

And implosion… an explosion… it didn’t take long.

                                        S. C. Kleinhans



What’s Cooking This Week


I’m unsure what to cook this week, but any, or both, of these should bring the witch back to her senses 🙂