The Winter That Never Was

Yes, where was winter this year??? Apparently it was lost somewhere between the Polar Tilt,   Global Warming, or maybe the Universe is giving us a reprieve, since the world is supposed to end  this December anyway.




 This is what we had last year, on multiple occasions.

                                                                          And this is how winter is supposed to be.




 Though I can’t say that I’m particularly complaining, it was great not to get stuck in a snow or dress in a 100 layers (and trust me, I do, as I’m always cold). As the Spring Equinox is upon us, so is the time to review the season that is almost gone.

     And this was truly a season of gains and losses (but isn’t a whole life is?!) Some relationships ended as they came to their due conclusions, some other ones that ended way before saw a necessary closure and release. Some friendships were tested and survived as usual, they were true to begin with, and some other connections will hopefully develop into possible friendships. As the energy moves so do the people, literary. When the last year was bidding farewell, I said goodbye to my old apartment with some bittersweet memories but a light heart as I knew it was time to leave. The air that held the memories of the life before the move there and the walls that protected and helped me heal during cancer treatment were no longer applicable in the life that is awaiting me. The new place is only a block away but seems like a world apart, it is what is needed to take a deep breath, regroup and build a new life foundation, on many levels. And a new foundation for some future work opportunities entered my world as I began a part-time private practice. If I peddle love, care and concern, I might as well do it  for those who truly need it.

     So goodbyes are often just a movement to help new beginnings take place and settle into spaces that were earlier occupied by the old energy. And no matter how much we try to cling to the old and familiar, it becomes just ashes and dust as we are desperately grabbing to keep at least some small pieces just a little bit longer, but they are all eventually blown away by a wind of change. It is all inevitable, like a change of seasons. So the winter that never was actually became a gentle hint to reveal that a lot of a warm weather was already present in life to propel me ahead and be ready for a full-blown spring season that’s already at the door.

What’s Cooking This Week

     Since it’s still technically winter outside, we’re making an ultimate winter comfort food, roasted butternut squash. If you ask me though, I can eat it all year round, but butternut squash is generally hard to find during warm months, plus my savior Fresh Direct only has cut butternut in winter. Otherwise, you need a couple sumo wrestlers to open the little sucker and cut into some manageable pieces. My condolences to the actual Fresh Direct staff who are stuck doing this kind of a job all day long

                                                               Roasted Butternut Squash and Yams

2 cups cut butternut squash

3 large cut yams or sweet potatoes

1 large sliced yellow onion

1/3 cup of dried cranberries

salt, pepper, spices, olive oil

fresh herbs or scallions

     Combine sliced onions, yams and butternut squash in a baking dish large enough to only have one layer for a more round roasting. Add 2-3 tbsp of olive oil and salt, pepper, spices. Roast for 20-30 minutes, or untill the food is almost done. Add cranberries at the very end of roasting time so as not to burn them. Garnish with fresh herbs or scallions.  This dish goes well alongside turkey sausage or crumble some bacon on top to have it as a main course. Enjoy!