The Serenity Prayer

        “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…”  (or can I?)







     And so he comes home and says I’m buying a motorcycle once I’m 18!  I know there much worse things that could happen to him once he’s reached the majority age, but riding a motorcycle, or any other vehicular suicide, comes pretty high on a mom’s “heart-dropping” list.  I understand he will not choose to just stay home and knit, but I really really hope the motorcycle will not happen either.  I’m still trying to adjust that he is out of the playpen, just about 6 ft tall, and it’s almost time to start shaving, and I’m totally not ready dealing with “hell on wheels” as my son’s companion and preferred mode of transportation.

     There are a lot of other rides and strolls I’d rather offer him.

    Something like this, for example    

Or something like that     

This could be an appropriate choice    

Or this one   

This could also be an adequate substitution  

I may even go for this one   

Or even that one   

But, dear God, please release me from this fate  

And especially that one         

What’s Cooking This Week

     Lots of soothing tea to de-stress after a nerve-wrecking motorcycle conversations with a 14 year-old. I have a nightly ritual to have tea and sweets to decompress and kiss the day goodbye. What’s in a cup now? Lemongrass, mint and rosehips with a side of chocolate to properly medicate me for what the future might bring. Oh, and there are liquor shots inside those chocolates too 🙂