Hello World and Goodbye Red Cross!

 This blog was started after I attended The Vision Board Workshop in an attempt to bring some new ideas and hobbies in my life and concentrate on me rather than on other people. The idea behind the workshop is that you create a visual image (aka cutting the corresponding pictures and glueing them onto the board) of what you want your life to be at this time with the hopes that you gradually start implementing all those things in life. Yeah, I know, easier said (or rather glued on) than done, but I’m going to do my damn best trying!

Before you just start glueing random pictures, you need to formulate a statement what it is you’re trying to achieve in your life now. Mine was “To Give Myself As Much Love And Light As I share With Others”. Yap, yet again, easier said and glued on than done. See, I’m a peddler, I go around and look if anybody needs love and assistance in life (and there are apparently millions of screwed up souls in New York and surroundings). And it becomes like a Red Cross camp, you apply band aids and give some painkillers, you wipe tears and snotty noses, occasionally you even try to perform a brain surgery, but the thing is, they all still die because their wounds are much more what a one Red Cross employee can handle, plus they never learn to fight for themselves anyway. Therefore, as I’ve pleased everybody left and right, and they are all still not satisfied, I might as well concentrate on one person who matters the most, ME 🙂

     So “Love Myself First” is the theme that prompted me to start this blog, as in all its self-serving gluttony, I want to see, feel, taste and enjoy my words on a big screen, and hope you will too!

     And speaking of gluttony, I live and breathe food, I think about food more times a day then what they say men think about sex (though it is questionable judging by how many men are striving to just be friends). I peddle food like nobody else, it is like my own Meg Ryan’s big “O” moment, therefore, you’ll find food related material in every post, sometimes a recipe, sometimes a review of a restaurant or a product, or maybe just a delicious looking picture. And since I follow gluten, dairy and mostly eggs and soy free diet, you’ll find appropriate info and musings about trying to satisfy both body and soul. My motto is “don’t stew, substitute”.

     So, as you join me on this journey, I hope you will never look like this while reading my blog

And hope my computer will never do this

And most importantly, I hope this particular human will never find a link to this blog, otherwise you may bring flowers to my grave

         As I fully intend on complaining (and bragging a little) about him here. Hey, I’m a mother of a teenager, I have a God-given right to use as many outlets to vent out my feelings as possible!

     And notice the pink color of my vision board! I’m a pink girl! If anything, it’s the color of Love!

What’s Cooking This Week

 Chocolate (this and every week)

                         Ahhhhhhh, chocolate! My Tylenol, my Valium, my best friend and lover!

  I have a piece of dark chocolate (in one form or another) every day, and, no, I don’t eat cupcakes every day even though I really really want to. Moderation is always the key, we are to satisfy body and soul, not hips and butts. Create a ritual where you enjoy your small indulgences with all your five senses to allow the body to absorb all the nutrients and let the soul to soak in the moments of pure joy.